The Series

The Squid Game is a thriller Netflix TV series that mainly revolves around Korean children’s games. It’s a South Korean survival drama series, of which the first season appeared on-air worldwide on September 17, 2021, on Netflix. All of its nine episodes are full of thrill and curiosity.

The story is full of interest and revolves around a money-winning contest. About 456 contestants are in the series who fell deeper into financial debt and put their lives at considerable risk by playing a series of this deadly children’s game wearing Squid Game Halloween Costumes. The winner has to get ₩45.6 billion after successfully cater all the bloody tasks. It has been expected to release the 2nd season of this thrilling series in late 2023 or 2024.

Official Squid Game Merchandise and Costumes

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We proudly offer the jungle green Squid Game Tracksuit, which is the signature outfit of the entire game in our store. The Squid Game Player T-shirts clear the ground for you to volunteer your life for the sake of winning the price of billions. Having the utmost thrilling vibes, The Frontman (Boss) Costume and Mask grab more attention to get the whole game in its hand. Whereas the Squid Game Guard Costume and Mask give ominous tones to tighten your waist for the next task. These featured outfits pave the way to being thrilled from the very first to the last scene of this series.

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1. Squid Game Guard Costume

The Squid Game Guard Costume is specially made for people who love to celebrate Halloween in groups based on their family or friends. Thus different shapes of masks, gloves, and jumpsuits will help you to creep out others while enjoying Halloween with your loved ones!

2. Squid Game Front Man Costume

Ever want to embrace the skills you have? Even if it crosses all the limits of thrill and adventure. Just like Hwang In-ho who turns out to be the mysterious Front Man. Then this dark and legendary Squid Game Front Man Costume would be more than enough to pop your eyes out this Halloween!

While the Front Man Stl Mask, some black gloves, and a black hooded trench coat will make you feel like you’re part of the fabulous Front Man from Squid Game.

3. Squid Game Tracksuit

As most of you already know that this outfit is especially inspired by the contestants of the fabulous Squid Game Series. Plus each tracksuit you’ll about to witness displays different numbers inspired by the Players.