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Squid Game Tracksuit Costume is inspired by the Squid game series. It is a well-known survival drama TV series by a talented Korean director created: Hwang Dong-hyuk, for Netflix. The story revolves around a reality game show of the same name where 456 financially deprived participants compete with each other in a series of deadly children’s games to win the prize money of 38 million dollars.

Surprisingly, the series had managed to gain over 142 million views in less than a month after its release. The credit for success goes not only to skillful actors and amazing storylines but also to the appealing and captivating clothing worn by the series’s characters.

So, do you also belong to that large pool of people searching for those famous outfits? Well, keep on reading, as the forthcoming content will not only let you know about Top Squid Game Merchandise but will also help you with a place to get those. Let us begin.

Best Squid Game Tracksuit Costume

1. Green player 456 tracksuits for men

The male participants in the series were seen wearing green-colored tracksuits while they competed with each other in the deadly games. This uniquely designed squid game player costume is made using 90 percent polyester and 10 percent spandex that is beautiful for the eyes and soft on the skin. Another plus of this dress is its ability to be free from wrinkles. Hence you can wear it at least 2 or 3 times without ironing.

All in all, it is great apparel for you. If you are searching for a soft and lightweight outfit to wear during your morning walk, this tracksuit might be a great choice.

2. Squid game player 212 tracksuits for women

Han Mi-nyeo portrayed one of the significant characters in squid games, Player 212. She was a manipulative woman who used her skills to win the prize money for herself. If you think you like the character or want to look like her, this Squid Game Tracksuit would be a great choice. Made out of polyester and spandex, this outfit is available in greenish blue color with a simple black zipper displayed in the center. In addition, there is a 212 badge on the left shoulder that will let the other person know what you are portraying.

3. Squid game player 240 tracksuits for women

Ji-Yeong- also known as the player number 240, was an important character in the squid game series, played by a talented Korean actress Lee Yoo-Mi. And this squid game green tracksuit is inspired by her. Like other members, Lee Yoo-Mi was wearing the Best Squid Game Halloween Costume: a green tracksuit with a black-colored zipper and two pockets in the pants.

4. Squid game player 218 tracksuits for men

The constant 218 was the most promising character of the whole series, who became a hero soon after he stabbed his neck for the sake of another participant. So do you want to portray the significance of brave Sang-woo? Well, get yourself a participant’s squid game tracksuit costume with the badge of player 218, and you are all sorted.

5. Squid game player 001 tracksuits for men

Remember that old participant: Number 001 from the squid game, who turned out to be the main culprit in the end? Throughout the series, he wore the green-colored outfit to remain camouflaged with all the participants. So are you one of those individuals who want to hide all of their inner abilities, secrets, and capabilities to remain recognizable among the group of ordinary people? If yes, go for the adult Halloween squid game outfit and secretly rock the world.

6. Squid game player 067 tracksuits for women

Last but not least, here comes the player 067 tracksuit for men. Yeon Jung played player 067 in the series that the people loved. You can also showcase your love to her by getting a tracksuit of this number. The material is made using high-quality polyester that will surely stay with you for the rest of your life, making you remember the masterpiece series.

Where to Purchase Squid Game Tracksuit Costume From

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The Bottom Line

In a nutshell, squid games have embraced various costumes and outfits in their run. We have captured the top 6 Squid Game Tracksuit Costume; you must get these outfits if you are a squid fan. However, get it from our recommended store for the best results.

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