Quick DIY Squid Game Guard Costume for Halloween

Squid Game Guard Costume

The Netflix squid game series got over. However, we all are still at one of its incredible apparel that includes the Squid Game Guard Costume, the Squid Game Guard Mask, etc. The story revolved around a deadliest game series that had 456 participants forced to compete with each other for the sake of money and their own lives. Do you know that many of these outfits were nothing else but simple DIY projects? For instance, you can easily pair a green top with green track pants to assemble a Squid Game Participant’s Costume.

However, for this topic of discussion, we have taken the Squid Game Guard Costume. For those who are not so handy and want to shop online, we have gathered some of the best squid game-inspired costumes for guards. So without any further due, let’s have a look.

All you need to know about Squid Game Guard Costume

What did guards do

The guards were the game’s staffer that was seen embracing a unique pink-colored tracksuit throughout the series. These guards are the masked men, also known as the ink soldiers, responsible for managing the whole game. They upkeep and enforce all the rules and policies designed by the game makers on participants on behalf of the frontman.

So why did they wear that black and pink jumpsuit throughout the series? There were two reasons behind it. The first one was to maintain anonymity, and the second reason was a bit unique. According to various reactors and reviewers, the makers chose the shocking pink color to embrace a message. A message that pink is not a color of beauty, sensitivity, and feminine virtues. Instead, it can serve opposite purposes as well. It can be used to symbolize cruelness, rigidity, strength, and power.

Adult Unisex Squid Game Guard Costume for Halloween

Dress Up as the series guards with a red hooded tracksuit that comes along with a Squid Game Guard Mask featuring the shape of your choice between the options of the square, circle, and triangle.

Where to wear

A great benefit of purchasing this outfit is its versatility and ability to get molded. That means you can wear this fantastic clothing piece in various ways, such as the following.

1. As the Squid Game Halloween Costumes

Next, you can wear this costume as it is supposed to be worn: the costume. So rock the pink outfit with a black waist belt and the face-hiding mask. You can also draw some crazy stuff if you are a good artist with fabric paint. Or you can bleach out the edges for a more rough and rugged look. No matter what you do, the choice is all yours.

2. To show gang unity

You can wear the pink-colored Squid Game Guard Costume anywhere if you own a friend’s gang and want to showcase your unity and strength.
Just wear the outfit with or without the mask and visit anywhere you like, including school, parties, Farwell, etc.

What do we recommend?

Now that you know all the essential information, one important question you may ask is: Where can I find these Squid Game Guards Costumes? We know you can not burst your budget for the sake of only a costume. The same is why we suggest going with squid game apparel. It is an eCommerce store that facilitates the customer with a wide variety of squid game merchandise, including the Squid Game Guard Costumes.
In addition, the store claims to offer all possible sizes to its customers, including the XXS, XS, S, M, ML, L, XL, and even XXL. However, if you still can’t find the perfect fit for yourself, a customizable facility is also available. So make sure to visit the store at least once and rest assured that you won’t regret your decision.


To conclude, there is a vast number of squid game apparel available. However, the Squid Game Guard Costume remains out of the competition for the above reasons. Moreover, you could also explore several other Squid Game Merchandise options on our page as well. Rest we wish you good luck with your next purchase.

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