Squid Game Halloween Costumes


Halloween is just around the corner, and we can already see the craze for Squid game Halloween costumes. The outfits became famous just after was Netflix series got instant attention from the audience because of its unique story and amazing apparel.

The clothing pieces were unique and played a crucial part in bringing the whole storyline together. The same is why people nowadays are more concerned about getting those apparel as their next Halloween costume. And if you are also one of those, then look no further as you have already landed on the right page. Keep on reading, and the forthcoming content will let you know about some significant Squid Game Halloween Costumes you can embrace this year. Please have a look.

Top Squid Game Halloween Costumes you must get!

1. Adult Unisex Squid Game Circle Guard Costume with Mask

The first and foremost product on the list is none other than the squid game guard costume that is perfect for you if you are in search of your next Halloween costume. This pinkish red hood suit has a black mask and a circle shape. In addition to the pink color, there is a black zipper and a black waist belt to complete the whole look. And as it is a guard costume, you will notice a normal-sized flap pocket on the front.

2. Adult Halloween Squid Game Triangle Guard Costume

Like the previous squid game Halloween costume, this product is in shocking pink color with a high-quality black zipper and waist belt. Please note that the belt comprises real leather instead of synthetic material.

The mask shape is the only difference between the previous and this costume. In the previously mentioned product, you get a black mask along with a product with a circle shape being drawn upon it. However, on this one, a triangle is drawn on the mask’s front.

3. Unisex Adult Disguise Squid Game Guard Costume

This squid game suit is also similar to the previous product. However, there is a little change: the mask’s shape is not a circle, nor a triangle, but a square. So, if you are a person who pays attention to even the tiniest detail of the Halloween outfit, get this one for yourself.

4. Adult Squid Game Square Mask for Halloween

You are an adult who loves the Netflix series, wants to embrace it this Halloween, yet does not want to get dressed heavily, right?

If yes, there would not be a greater match for you than this squid game mask. Available in black color, the mask contains several small holes for easy breathing along with 2 T-shaped cloth stripes. And not to forget, a guard’s shape is drawn on the forehead area to let other people know what TV series you are portraying.

5. Boss Squid Game Front Man Costume (Mask, Gloves & Coat)

Another significant squid game cosplay is none other than the squid game front man costume. Do you want to look like an evil Dracula this Halloween? If yes, this black-colored apparel is no less than a gift to you. It is available in all sizes, a long hooded coat with matching gloves and a signature mask.

When walking about the closure, a high-quality zipper is being used that gets hidden after you zip up the coat. There are also two big-sized pockets available at the front to keep all of your sweet treats close to you at the party.

6. Green Squid Game Player 456 Tracksuit for Men

Last but not least, the next clothing piece on the list is Squid Game Player 456 Tracksuit For Men. this costume is perfect for you if you want to wear a squid costume, yet with positive images.

The outfit comes in an ocean blue color with a black metal zipper and shirt-style collar. In addition, there is a badge saying: 456 being displayed on the front. When talking about the pants, they are simple blue-colored pants with pockets on both sides.

From where to purchase

Now that you know about all the significant Halloween costumes of the series, the next question that might arise in your mind is: from where to get them?

Well! There are many options available in the market, yet we suggest getting it from a renowned brand such as Squid Games Apparels to ignore all the quality issues.

Following are some perks of shopping for squid costumes from squidgamesapparels.com:

  1. You get premium quality products within the pocket-friendly price range
  2. The product gets delivered within 5 to 7 working days after order placements
  3. All possible sizes are available


In the bottom line, squid games was a popular Netflix series known for its engaging storyline and appealing apparel. In the above article, you will find some significant Squid Game Halloween Costumes to embrace this Halloween. However, do not forget to get it from renowned brands such as the squid games apparel

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